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# Health is a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. # The Maharashtra State Dental Council is the statutory body created as per the provision of section 21 of the Dentist Act, 1948 with an object to regulate the profession of Dentistry.
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Advertisement for Appointment of Associate Professors and Professors Gazeteed Class I on CONTRACT BASIS at G.D.C.H, Mumbai.
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Head of Department    
Name : Dr. Jyoti Tembhurne
Qualification : MDS
E-Mail ID :
Contact No. : 9869370823
Location In Building : Second Floor Of GDC, Room No. 235
Scope Of Department : Conventional and unconventional complete dentures, Removable partial denture, Cast partial denture. All types of Maxillofacial prosthesis. Fixed partial denture. Implants and implant supported prosthesis.
Patient Services :
  • Implant Prosthesis (20 approx)
  • Complete dentures (1600 approx)
  • Removable partial dentures ( 4000approx)
  • Fixed partial dentures (2000 approx)
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis (30approx)
  • Crown removal ( 450 approx)
  • Repair of dentures ( 1000 approx)
  • Recementation of fixed partial dentures ( 1000 approx)
Activities : Academic Activities
  • The subject is introduced in the first year and the student appears for the final examination in their final year. The lectures are taken as per the time table laid down by MUHS. Apart from lectures, seminars are taken weekly. Interactive sessions, group discussions and question bank solving is done for each batch of students. Practice, viva vocals and relevant diagram drawing projects are integral part of the course. Journals are written by the students covering all the chapters of the subjects and have weightage in terms of marks during the final examination.
Clinical Activities
  • Students start working on the patients from third year and has posting of one month duration per term. Each student is expected to complete a minimum quota as per the MUHS rules and regulations. A clinical work record is maintained by them for the same. Introductory demonstrations on the patients are given to the students and basic as well as newer techniques of various treatment modalities are taught to them.
Lab/Research :
  • Dr. Kishor Mahale
    • Effect of Preoxidation on the Bond Strength of Titanium and low fusing Porcelain - European journal of Prosthodontic & Restorative dentisty vol 22, no.2 , pp 76-83 , June 2014
    • Clinical evaluation of interdental cleansing aids in fixed partial denture - Journal of Indian prosthodontic Society Vol 10, no.2, August 1999
    • Iatrogenic complications of implant surgery - Journal of Dental Implants Jul-Dec 2013 Vol 3 Issue 2
    • Enhancing Esthetics by gingival porcelain: A Clinical Report - International Journal of Clinical Dental Science VOL 2 NO.4 NOV 2011
    • Denture Adhesives – A sticky solution to some complete denture problems - Dental Dialogue - Journal of IDA maharashatra branch July-september 2010 Vol.XXXVI no. 3
    • Management of a patient with severe erosive lichen planus in need of a complete denture: A Clinical Report - Dental Dialogue- Journal of IDA maharashatra branch April-June 2013 Vol XXXIX no.2
    • Flexidenture-UMA’S The DOSE- Publication for medical practitioners October 2010 issue no.3
    • Many articles has been published in local newspaper like LOKMAT,SAKAL about dental awareness & Dental implants
    • Post graduate students are doing research work on different topics
Staff Details :
  • Dr. Jyoti Tembhurne - (Head Of The Department)
  • Dr. Arti Gangurde - (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Manish Chauhan - (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Nirja Jaiswal - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Ravi Akulwar - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Akul Agarwal - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Devesh Tiwari - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Prachi Deval - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Nimisha Manjrekar - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Kaveri Chakrabborty - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Guneek Bansal - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Aftab Mirza - (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Asha Donde - (Dental Surgeon)
  • Dr. Ramdas Palekar - (Dental Surgeon)
  • Mr. Yogesh Shelke - (Dental Technician )
  • Mrs. Meghna Apte - (Dental Technician )
  • Mrs. Vaishali Kamtik - (Dental Technician )
  • Mrs. Vandana Aadhal - (Dental Technician )
  • Rupali Jadhav - (Dental Technician )
  • Mr. Kamlesh Joshi - (Assistant Dental Technician)
  • Anil Harpale - (Lab Technician)
  • Ashok Kamble - (Assistant Lab Technician)
  • Mr. Dinesh Pathade - (Lab Assistant)
  • Mr. Balasaheb More - (Lab Assistant)
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